Journal Entry #7

After seeing the work that was done on the website for StrakeUSA they had another project they wanted us to work on. It was to create an informational flyer for them to give out at auto shows, like the New York Auto Show that is coming up. The wanted the flyer to be similar to the website so it only made sense that they wanted us to do it. We had another meeting and brainstormed some ideas. We wanted to see if it should be a tri-fold, or bi-fold, or if it should be just one page. They told us they would be giving it out in bags with their logo on it.


After some deliberation we decided we would work on a tri-fold design. I spent a few days working on some different ideas. I kept the website open on my computer for inspiration. It was awesome to be able to do this project for them. Not to mention the best part was being able to use my own photos that I took of their car. I played around with a bunch of different image placing. I finally came to a solution. I showed my boss and then we showed the owner of StarkeUSA and he loved it. He said that they will use it. It’s always a good feeling knowing that someone appreciated your work. Can’t wait to see everyone looking at these flyers when they hand them out at the NY Auto Show.

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