Journal Entry #2

I have always been a fan of the automotive industry and graphic/advertising design. So getting the opportunity to work for a company that is both was like a dream come true. I am an automotive photographer and also have a show car that I have built. You can see my work on, I will also have a photo of my car below. How I got this job opportunity is actually quite interesting. I was hired by my boss Alex to take photos of his car, not knowing he was soon to be my boss. We spoke during the photo shoot and he informed me that he was looking for a graphic designer for various projects around the shop. I have been to the shop before for my personal vehicle so I already knew what kind of business it was. I told the owner that I would be able to help considering I was in school for graphic design and I would love some real world experience.

I came in for an interview later that week, we spoke one on one about the position. He told me that he would need help with various things, from logos design, brochures for car shows, social media posts to refining the website, vehicle wrap designs and photography. These are all things I loved to do, so there was no way I was going to let this opportunity to go away. Once I told him I was capable of doing these things, showed him my work he told me that he would love to have me on board. I started coming in the following week. I was even given my own desk, sadly without a window.  

This is my camaro.

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