Journal Entry #5

Today was an interesting day, we had a client come in from Remax Reality. He was interested in getting a vehicle wrap. He wanted to do something that would make his ordinary work bwm x5 more interesting. After the client spoke with our boss and main designer, we had a meeting to discuss possible ideas for this car. The owner of the company didn’t want to just do a traditional advertising of his company. He wanted to do it in a clever way. We knew the owner was a fan of BMWs because he suggested that he wanted the car to have a Pace car look. If you don’t know what a Pace car is, it is a car that sets the pace and positions racers for a rolling start in a warm-up lap or laps before a race, or that returns to control the pace in temporarily hazardous conditions.

After a good meeting we came up with a very clean design that still got the company name across. The base color of the car was white, the vinyl that we added on top of the car would be the traditional BMW colors. The head designer/vinyl wrapper and myself worked on some ideas on illustrator to see how we can best get the company name across. We decided on positioning the logo right on the side of the car. We would have the “pace car” decals going from the hood up and over the roof line back to the trunk. We even did small race car like details such as including the owner’s name on the side of the door which is seen on real race cars. Here are some images of the completed project.

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