Journal Entry #9

This weeks project was to re-design the “custom headlights” section of the website. This part of the website before was a little confusing so we wanted to create something that would be a little more user friendly. We wanted to eliminate the number of questions we get over the phone by making this section have all the main answers. We wanted to have a breakdown of packages and the different types of things that each package offers. We also wanted to showcase some of the advantages our lights have over regular headlights. Finally we wanted to have an informational section on how to maintain and repair your headlights in case there was any issues. We worked out some designed but the one we liked the most was a simplistic scroll design that many websites are switching over to. This single scroll page would allow the viewer to get all the information he needed with just a scroll. We picked the 3 Main topics and broke the single scroll page down into those 3 sections.

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