Journal Entry #1

This semester I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to work for OneightyNYC. Oneighty is an automotive shop that specializes in vehicle customization. We work on anything from vehicle headlights to complete color changes on cars. Clients come to us with their ideas and we make them a reality. The company is located in Coney Island, and we also have another facility in Qatar. The facility in Coney Island is our main location and that is the one that I work for. Currently including myself the company has 12 employees. Our company is a public business, which means anyone is more than welcome to come in and get work done on their vehicle. Most of our clients are automotive enthusiasts and/or business owners who need to make their vehicles pop. 


Oneighty was founded in 2008, since that day we have worked on thousands of vehicles and special projects. My position in the company would be as a Creative. I would be in charge of creating interesting marketing content, brochures, flyers, social media posts, vehicle designs, photography and working on the website. Our shop was voted as one of the best 9 shops in New York. You can read the article here. They talk highly of our company, saying that we utilize the latest technology. They touch upon some vehicles that we specialize on which includes BMW’s and Infiniti’s. Its a good feeling knowing I am working for one of the best shops in all of New York.

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