About Me

Graphic design has always been something I wanted to do. I first started getting
interested in graphic design when I went to¬†The Williamsburg Highschool for Architecture and Design. I would play a lot of video games and¬†soon my friends and me started a YouTube channel and submitted videos. A couple¬†weeks later we decided to create a team. Our team needed a logo and a YouTube background. I was always interested in design because I would watch videos on¬†YouTube all the time of other teams with there amazing graphics. So I decided that I¬†would teach myself and make amazing graphics. I started by downloading¬†Photoshop and watching tutorials. I would sometimes just sit in Photoshop exploring¬†the tools. I would do this for hours, days, weeks. I loved it, It was a place where I¬†could let my imagination go wild. I could create anything and then be able to show¬†my friends. I started by making a logo for our team. My friends loved it, so i felt very¬†accomplished. At that moment, I knew this is something I really wanted to peruse. I¬†started by designing YouTube backgrounds for people. At first they were not¬†anything special, but then they started getting better and better. As my skills¬†progressed my work showed it. Soon I would have people I didn’t know asking me to¬†make them YouTube backgrounds, logos, websites, signatures for forums. It felt¬†amazing having your work being appreciated. I loved the challenges of working with¬†different people and trying to make their Ideas a reality. I also started working with¬†Adobe After Effects for video editing for a while. A couple months later I decided that¬†I would make a website so that I could promote my business of creating graphic¬†design work. I started my website, and my business. My company name is Zuumy, and¬†I work on my company to this day.

I went to New York City College of Technology for liberal arts, but a year later I
changed my major into Advertising design. Changing my major was the happiest
decision of my life. I finally to spend everyday doing what I loved. The best part of
this major to me is that fact that my teachers give me challenges where I can apply
my skills. A lot of times in the past at home I would be bored and would have nothing
to design so I would go on websites and just look for design challenges and
competitions so that I could use my skills. I know a lot about Photoshop, it is my
favorite program to use. I also know, illustrator and InDesign. This is my last
semester of taking Communication Design. I have learned a lot of new ways of
looking at design. It has been something very helpful in my life. Currently I have
stopped working with video games and YouTube. I have Staerted Automotive Photography and have created my own brand identity. I have created a website for myself. My goals for the future, after City Tech, is to start my own company, and
auto magazine. I am really passionate about pursuing graphic design and I know
that if I work really hard I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.