Journal Entry #10

During this internship I definitely met someone who I would consider my role model. My Boss/Supervisor/Friend Alex M. Alex started this company back in 2008, he’s only 28 years old and has an established company with an amazing reputation. Just working with Alex and seeing the way he handles business has taught me many things that I have used on my own. There have been situations with clients that I wouldn’t have known how to handle without him. He has a lot of wisdom and expertise when it comes to being your own boss. When you have your own business its often hard to charge your friends for your work, Alex has given me a different perspective on the whole situation. He taught me that if they are your friends they should want to pay you, they should want to support you in what you do. He also showed me the correct ways to handle your employees. He showed me how to be a good friendly boss but still retain the authority that you want. You want your employees to not only like you but to respect you. Honestly I am really happy that Alex was my boss and I had the opportunity to work with him because I wouldn’t want to have learned from anyone else.

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