Journal Entry #8

I can safely say since I have been working here my work ethic has greatly improved. I find myself using my time very wisely. Once a project is given to me I spend all my time on it. I pace myself working on it, I want to complete it fast, but I don’t want to do a bad job. In the begging Ill admit I did not use my time as best as I could have. Since then I have learned way better time management. Aside from that I have developed even better relationship skills. I learned the proper ways to speak with clients. Sometimes the customer is not always right, but you cannot tell them that, so you have to work your way around that. There is different ways to handle different situations. This internships has definitely helped me learn some of these ways.

Overall I think I would give myself a pretty good evaluation. I did what I was supposed to do, sometimes I even exceeded that. I feel like just because you did the bare minimum that doesn’t mean you did a good job. Sometimes you have to go above and beyond even if you are not instructed to do so.

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