Journal Entry #6

Today we started a collaboration project with StarkeUSA. The owner of this company is good friends with the owner of Oneighty. He loved the way our designs were made from our website to our social media pages. He requested for us to help him create a website for his company. StarkeUSA is a company that creates wide body kits and carbon fiber wheels. My boss let me take the lead on this project because it was not directly connected to our company, but he wanted to help his friend out. I loved this opportunity because it was my field of expertise. We spent a few days meeting with StarkeUSA talking about different design ideas and what the company stood for.

I spent a lot of time researching the company, speaking with the owner and the employees. I researched there demographic and knew what kind of clients they would be dealing with. I tried to replicate what their clients would be comfortable with. After I had my research all together I started working on some concepts. I showed these to the boss and he approved them. Once I had the green light I started working on the website. I created all the designs and images and even the layout of the website. I tried to have it simple yet sleek. I wanted it to flow nicely so the user did not have a hard time getting around.

Throughout this project I communicated with multiple people from StarkeUSA. I believe this project was a successful one because everyone was happy with the results. I was even able to take photos of the owner’s vehicle for the website. The website is currently up and you can see my work.

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