Journal Entry #3

So considering this isn’t an office, but in fact a working place where work is physically done, there is not necessarily a proper or improper attire. Since I don’t personally do any of the heavy lifting I am entitled to wear whatever I like. We also have the option of wearing a Oneighty shirt. I found every employ in this company has a great personality and sense of humor. I think laughter is the key to happiness and keeping a positive working environment. In such a short period of working there I felt like I knew everyone there for years. Everyone was very helpful when it counted most, like when we would have to brainstorm ideas during meetings. It was nice to hear ideas from employees that were working in other fields of the company and may have no experience in marketing or advertising. I find that people without this experience always have to have great ideas and think outside the box. The employees at Oneighty all have their own working stations.

When you first come inside our facility you walk into our showroom. In our show room you can see a display of headlights we have completed, choose a color for your car from our wall of speed shapes, or simple take a look at the different aftermarket customization options we offer. In the showroom we have a desk where my main boss Alex sits. He greets all our customers and discusses future projects. Behind him is a little office with two desks, of which one is mine. Once you walk passed the show room you walk into our huge facility that can accommodate 6 cars at any given time. Each employee has a station. To the left we have 2 bays for the vinyl wrapper, where he has all his computers and printing equipment. This is also where the vinyl wrapping takes place. To the right you have our technician and disassembly, where cars are taken apart. Towards the back to the left we have the headlight assembly room that is fully filtered to get rid of any dust or debris. Behind that room to the back we have a huge paint booth that’s also fully ventilated.

Our shop is open from 9-7 5 days a week, we do not work Sat or Sunday. When it comes to lunch time, everyone can take a break to eat at any time they like, there is not set standard. The shop has a open work environment where everyone can interact with everyone. I believe this helps with the flow of creativity and allows people to help one another. Even tho I have my own desk, I like to spend my time in the back with the other employees.

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