Journal Entry #4

So my first assignment on the job was pretty simple. I guess my boss was starting me off easy. I just had to photograph some headlights that we worked on and design a simple way to showcase them on our flickr. Luckily we have a light box so that made my photography job much easier. I started of by taking photos of the headlights, showing all the different functions they can do. Demon eyes, Iron Man lights and halos. Once I took all the photos of the headlights that I needed I imported them on my computer and started to edit them. After the images where edited I brought them into Photoshop and started to crop just the headlight out, so that there wasn’t any background.

Now my boss already had a way that he had his headlights posted on flickr, and he wanted to maintain the same style. Unfortunately he did not have the files he was using previously so i had to replicate everything from scratch. I spent time looking for fonts that matched the font the person was using. Finally I found it and was able to produce the type of image my boss was looking for. Here are some of those completed images that I took and put together.

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