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Screenplay and Storyboard


Arrival in New York

Interview of SarahJane

Project 1: The Screenplay

Actor 1: SarahJane, who is recognizable by her bright red hat.

Actor 2: Delivery Boy, a nameless individual who somehow has SarahJane’s mail and knows her exact location.

Locations (illustrated): Washington Home, Streets of NYC, Airport

Scene 1

Location: Washington Home

The sun is shining brightly in the sky. It is summer time.

Boxes are being stacked to the back of a truck. A figure approaches from the right side of the screen.

It is revealed that the figure was SarahJane.

SarahJane: PHEW!

SarahJane wipes her sweat.

A ticket appears on screen. It tells the audience that SarahJane will be traveling from Washington to New York.

SarahJane: Alright! Time to fly!

Scene 2

Location: Airport

A map of the United States and a path from Washington to New York is on the screen. An airplane travels along this path until it reaches its destination.

Upon arrival, SarahJane is slowly descending the steps off the airplane.

SarahJane: Yahoo! I’m finally here!

Scene 3

Location: Streets of New York

SarahJane is walking through the streets of New York. She stops as soon as she notices a pizza store.

Close-Up: A slice of pepperoni pizza is on the screen.

Close-Up: SarahJane’s eyes are glittering as she imagines New York pizza.

SarahJane: Oh my god! Pizza!

SarahJane takes a big bite of the pizza and she looks like she’s absolutely in love with the thing.

Delivery Boy: HEY YOU!

SarahJane turns around in surprise.

Delivery Boy gives her a letter from CUNY.

SarahJane opens the letter and it says that she has been accepted into City Tech. She throws her hands up in celebration.

The screen blacks out.

SarahJane: Wait… Why did that kid have my mail?


Arrival in New York

Interview of SarahJane

Project 1: The Pitch

My partner for this assignment is SarahJane. For the ~60 second video, I intend to illustrate rather than filming it. My rationale for this is simply because I am more comfortable with illustrating when it comes to showing my creative side. Furthermore, I think it’d be more advantageous to illustrate my perception of what Sarah Jane told me rather than to find stock photos/videos online. Sarah Jane had told me that she had moved to NY from Seattle during the Summer, which would be problematic for me to portray via recording since we are currently residing in NYC in the middle of winter.

In terms of the video storyboard, I would like to start off the depiction of Sarah Jane’s move from Seattle to NYC by illustrating her moving a set of boxes into a Truck. She had mentioned small details like her struggle to move the furniture, liking music, and enjoying the pizza from NYC. Therefore, I would also like to incorporate a sequence of frames dedicated to these details in the video. To make her recognizable, I plan to illustrate Sarah Jane with her red hat as that is what I usually see her with in class.

For inspiration, I think I’ll be looking to Domics and Eroldstory, who are Youtubers who are known for their storytime videos via animation. I will be using Procreate to illustrate each frame of the story, and I would like to try to use Adobe Premiere Pro/iMovie to edit each set of frames together.

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