It was interesting to learn about the differences between live action and animation, which are two different disciplines among the many that Mr. Wiehart is experienced in. I enjoyed seeing the example of his pitch. It was enlightening to see a professional pitch versus the work that I had recently just done in class. I think the 3D animation was an especially nice touch. It has definitely given me incentive to pick up the skill myself after seeing how much it added to Mr. Wiehart’s pitch. 

Mr. Wiehart mentioned that he is self-taught due to the lack of classes that focused on the area of his interest when he was in school. I find this especially impressive because he mentioned that he did not have the convenience of technology that our generation is allowed to today. I am interested in learning about the methods he used to approach his study on these areas that he had no guide for at school. Mr. Wiehart makes it apparent that in the field of graphic design, one must be constantly willing to learn, which is a wonderful philosophy that I wholeheartedly agree with.