A Communication Design Portfolio

Category: COMD 1112 Labs

Chapter 6: Line Art and Flat Graphics

exercise 1: Use the brush tool (B) to draw a line, triangle, and 3 different types of curves to create a template layer.

exercise 2: In a new layer, create a line (red stroke/no fill), triangle (no stroke/red fill), and a parallelogram (no stroke/red fill) with the pen tool (P).

exercise 3: Create two curves (red stroke/no fill) in a row using the pen tool (P).

exercise 4: Convert the anchor points of three curves into angles using the pen tool (P).

Please note: for exercise 1, the template layer was changed back into a regular layer so that it would be viewable when exported. Also, exercises 2–4 were originally done over the template layer, but they were later moved over to the side for a better view of all exercises completed.