Sketching Practice and a New Assignment

Week 7: 3/12/2023–3/18/2023 | Featured Image by Vivian Li


During this week, I was able to successfully complete the illustration of the three poses for the mascot. While these poses were approved, the client expressed that he wanted to have at least two more poses that clearly expressed that the mascot was feeling excited and confused/lost. This should be no issue if I am able to organize my time appropriately.

On another note, in the prior week, I had a status meeting with my team. My supervisor mentioned the importance of sketching after coming from her own design team class. She spoke about how many of her students are evasive when it comes to sketching. They quickly jump to lining and coloring. I am guilty of this quality. In my attempt to correct this habit of mine, I reluctantly sketched out my the new poses for the mascot this week (see featured image above)

At the same time, my supervisor has assigned a new client to me. I will be working with the same mentor from my first project again. For this upcoming project, I will be working to produce the following deliverables:

• x1 digital flier

• x1 web banner

I will be working to create promotional materials for a student conference that promotes academic scholars within the college. I have reached out to the client along with my mentor and we are currently waiting to meet via Zoom this coming week.

It is unclear what environment the digital flier will be used in. I will have to keep this question in mind to ask during the meeting so that I can be mindful of the amount of text that should appear on the flier.

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