Communicating Emotion via Illustration

Week 6: 3/5/2023–3/11/2023 | Featured Image by Vivian Li


The finalized mascot design has been approved.

It has been decided that the mascot should express emotions to convey the following messages:

• Interested in having the perfect schedule?

• Sure the classes you need are available?

• Sure that the courses you’re thinking about are covered by Financial AID?

• Ready to take final exams and then enjoy the Summer without having to do something important later?

See featured image above for my attempt at illustrating the mascot (who has been affectionately nicknamed Techy Bear) nervously wondering if the classes he needs are available. Initially, I wanted to include text into each illustration I produce of the mascot. After some more thought, however, I have determined that doing so would limit its usage in the future. As a result, I have removed said text.

At the moment, I am only in charge of illustrating the mascot poses. One of the mentors will be responsible for incorporating my work onto informational posters and/or the college monitor displays.

My plan for now is to illustrate two more poses to see how the client feels about the project and whether or not he wants more work done for the mascot.

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