Community Based Educational Programs

Educational and community-based programs

    The High crime, unemployment level and lack of education in the neighborhood effects the healthy living of the Farragut Housing community. We all know that the environment where we growing up leaves an impact on our life. The most of today’s problem are coming as a result of lack of education given by our parents and surroundings. But it’s good to know that in our days we have so many opportunities, provided by the government educational community-based programs, to cover all the gap that we missed in our life. And it looks like forgotten and a bit isolated Farragut Houses neighborhood needs that interventions to improve their living. People should get help to answers any of their questions, for an instant about their opportunities, leadership skills, parenting, and employment.

Adult and Continuing Education
In order to reduce factors that cause health problems, community members should change aspects of the physical, social, organizational environments. They need to introduce new elements that promote better health like establishing new programs and practices. Also changes of the view on the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities, or community attitudes, social norms, and beliefs.

Health department or organization have a responsibility to engage the community. Understanding the view of healthy people in healthy communities is possible only if the community, in its full cultural, social and economic diversity.[1]

Educational and community programs can encourage and strengthen health and well-being of the community through learning about Injury and violence prevention, Mental illness/behavioral health, Tobacco use, Substance abuse, Nutrition, Physical activity, Obesity prevention and Chronic diseases.

Adult and Continuing Education Programs

Another great intervention will be Adult and Continuing Education Programs which includes an Adult Basic Education Instruction that underlines skills related to adult literacy needs, educational goals, and personal interests; Improving English skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. That also includes a Career and Technical Education courses that provide adults with an opportunity to acquire technical, trade, construction or entrepreneurial skills; Certiport Testing Information that will help to Adult education students to earn the designation of Microsoft Office Specialist and the Internet and Computing Core Certification. And the Health Careers programs as well.[2]

Adult Education Helps Children and Families Thrive.

Adult Education Strengthens Communities and Democracy.

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