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Arts and Gentrification

Believe it or not, there’s more to Vinegar Hill, more than cobblestone streets, more than 19th-century houses, more than its Irish/Navy Yard history.It’s a small wonderland where you can find few, but amazingly great and influential ways of arts and entertainment. Between the lone studio of art great like Jen Lewin, whose studio and art is created in such a way that allows the public to interact and be fully immerse within the space.

Jen Lewis Studio

Stumble another block and a half and you might find yourself right in front of The Vinegar Hill House restaurant. Walk to fast and you might confuse it with another abandon storefront and pass right by it. Its design is specific to blend with the façade of the neighborhood and one to embrace.

The New Yorker says: “Vinegar Hill House would merit a place in the American Museum of Natural History if it had a Hall of Cool New Yorkers Under Forty”. It’s restaurant that attracts not only neighborhood locals, but all New Yorkers alike.

Vinegar Hill House by: FindNY
Con Edison Power Plant

Vinegar Hill is definitely worth the visit for anyone living in or visiting New York City. Its a place a  where calmness inspires organically in a way that is great for the mind. This is a possible attraction for artist to not only visit and take as an influence along with all the magical places New York has to offer, but also home those who can. Having DUMBO as the neighborhood next door definitely puts one in arms length of amazing galleries, art spaces and numerous artists, plus those in Vinegar Hill’s own backyard.

Vinegar Hill might not be plastered with street art, murals and galleries like some of New Yorks’s most notable artsy neighborhoods, like Williamsburg, Bushwick and the infamous SOHO. It might not have the storefronts, the traffic and crowded sidewalks. The surroundings and the history contains enough architectural art, art that one can create with the visuals that it provides.

Abandon Truck within Vinegar Hill household

Its calm and peaceful energy should be enough for any New Yorker to want to take a walk around the neighborhood. The historic landmark streets, its quiet sound, along with a little creativity could transport you to the past. This alone is evidence to consider Vinegar Hill a hidden gem within the great borough of Brooklyn.