Model and Design

There will be four main developments and renovations at the Brooklyn navy yard. The Wegmans, which will be a supermarket, a green manufacturing center, building 77 and Steiner studio expansion.

The address of Wegmans is 21 Flushing Avenue according to the architect renderings of Douglas C Steiner. Wegmans will be constructed in the space where Admirals Row is located, which was originally a house to the US Navy officers.

The first Wegmans store in New York City is opening up in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It was going to open in 2017, but due to the delay of obtaining permits, it was pushed to open in 2018. It will be a five-story building with different spaces that will bring 12,000 jobs into the neighborhood. The top floors will have space designated for light manufacturing. The newfound entrances will attract people from Vinegar Hill. There are many entrances such as one on Washington and Flushing Avenue and Sand Street and Navy Street.

The building 77 will be divided into offices, shared work spaces, and space for private events. There will be a big food hall section on the ground floor of building 77 developed by Russ and Daughters which will have bar and cafe, where people can sit, eat and socialize with each other. The Navy Yard will have a free shuttle service for the employees. The shuttle service will have two routes, one route will be going toward Dumbo and the other will be taking employees to the subway toward Downtown Brooklyn such as Flatbush Avenue and the Dekalb Avenue subway station.