Social Impact

An opening of any sort of business will have a social impact on a community. How would an opening of a Supermarket affect the society around? Well, if the area of which the supermarket opens up around another supermarket, it would not significantly change the community. A significant change would be an opening of a supermarket in an area where the residents are basically neglected any source of fresh produce like Vinegar Hill.

The opening of the Wegmans will bring residents together. People who wouldn’t normally see each other in the neighborhood will most likely develop familiar faces with each other. People could learn from one another based on the products they purchase. It would spark conversation that wouldn’t normally be held due to the lack of doing business outside in their neighborhood. A significant change would be an opening of a supermarket in the area where residents were neglected resources to any sort of fresh produce in Vinegar Hill. Now that residents won’t have to travel over a mile to get fresh food, the corner stores will be a secondary source for Vinegar Hill.

An opening of a supermarket in the navy yard will have a social impact on the health and strengthening of the two communities. A journalist said, “we found that women with poorly controlled diabetes (by accepted clinical criteria) were more likely to live in areas with lower availability of supermarkets (mean ratio of 0.56 vs. 0.73 supermarkets per 10,000 inhabitants, p<0.05; Table).” This means that an opening of a supermarket will lower the overall risk of diabetes due to people having an easier access to eating healthier, thus strengthening the relationship between communities.

We can say that the new projects, within the Navy Yard, are best defined as a juggernaut. They have many plans for the Navy Yard creating a huge force of new projects. In the UK, there was an opening of a shopping area called Tesco. Mary Carmichael and Chris Fletcher said “The 10,000 sq ft Co-op store has an average 26,000 shoppers a week and expects to retain most.” This is bringing a lot of customers together and the same will happen within the Navy yard. A mother, pertaining to Tesco, said “I can’t wait. It’s within walking distance for us.” This is exactly what will happen within the residents Vinegar Hill. They will have a reasonable walking distance to this huge supermarket.|A108312056&v=2.1&u=cuny_nytc&it=r&p=ITOF&sw=w