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Current Conditions of Vinegar Hill

  • What is Vinegar Hill
  • Current conditions of Vinegar Hill
  • Pros and cons
  • Demographics
  • Existing traffic condition


What is vinegar hill

Vinegar Hill with context

Vinegar Hill


What is Vinegar Hill

  • Vinegar Hill is a neighborhood on the north Side of Brooklyn.
  • Vinegar Hill was formerly known as Irishtown.
  • Vinegar Hill gives home to approximately 2400 people. Dumbo gives home to approximately 1400 people. The farragut Homes gives home to approximately 3400 people.
  • The Brooklyn Navy Yard was constructed in 1801 but wasn’t fully operating until 1806. The BNY operated up until 1966.
  • The farragut houses (NYCHA) was opened in 1952.
  • Most of Vinegar Hill is a commercial designated zone.
  • The dominant architecture styles in VH are Federal Style and Greek Revival style.

The Commandant’s House

Brooklyn Navy Yard Entrance

Belgian blocks and Concrete sidewalk

Greek Revival style homes

Bridge Street

Bridge Street


Bridge Street

Jay Street

Spaces for rent


Current conditions of Vinegar Hill


VH is a hidden gem in Brooklyn. It holds a lot of history from early America. It is currently next to one of the most visited neighborhoods Down Under the Manhattan Bridge (DUMBO). Vinegar Hill lacks in certain aspects commercial spaces for the residents. Vinegar Hill is cut off from the rest of its surrounding.Most residents have to travel to downtown Brooklyn or DUMBO to shop for supplies and food. The only commercial street within the neighborhood is on York St. There are a lot of abandoned lots within Vinegar Hill that can be used to benefit VH.

Parking Spaces & Abandoned lots


Pros & Cons

Vinegar Hills crime is relatively low to surrounding neighborhoods. The one place that has a spike of crime is near and around the Farragut housing.

It is a quiet neighborhood because of the accessibility. There is a nearby Highway the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. 1 Train stop in York St station (F train). There are 2 buses (B67 & B62)

There are only 8 shops for people to buy food and medicine. Most residents have to go to DUMBO or Downtown Brooklyn to shop and buy what they need.

There are no clinics or hospitals in Vinegar Hill beside a Psychotherapist Clinic.





The Majority of Vinegar Hill are people older than 25 and predominantly caucasian. As for the the Farragut houses the majority of the people living there are youth and people of color. The crime in Vinegar Hill is relatively low compared to other neighborhood. The crime does go up near and around the Farragut housing. In 2015 the median household income for Vinegar Hill was $233,276. The median rent cost in Vinegar Hill was $3,269. As for the degrees obtained 36% of the residents in Vinegar Hill obtained their bachelor degree. For master’s degree VH residents 24.3% obtained their degree.



Existing traffic condition


VH has 1 major highway The Brooklyn Queens Expressway. As for public transportation only 2 busses pass through VH (B62 & B67),the only train that is nearby Vinegar Hill is the (F train). The only Citibikes station in Vinegar Hill is on Front St and Gold Street.