The History of the Con-Ed Substation

Vinegar Hill is a site located in Brooklyn, NY in the East River Water Front between Dumbo Park and Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. A site like Vinegar Hill, is still providing its local citizens with a 19th century Federal Style and Greek Revival Style of architecture that is within its homes mixed in between with the industrial buildings. Vinegar Hill also includes The Historic District  which pertains to the Con-Ed. Hudson Ave. Power Plant.
The Con-Ed. Power Plant can be located within Plymouth St. & Hudson Ave. The Con-Ed. Power Plant was constructed in the year 1922, at its time of its peak, it was known as one of the most largest power plant during its completion. As of now, the Power Plant is still manufactured by the Con-Ed., serving as a steam and peak capacity electric generating power plant. This 13 acre facility holds about 10million of its gallons, which is Petroleum Storage, which basically is a clean up in case of any spills or leaks that can be considered hazardous of any kind.
It’s main job for the Con-Ed. Power Plant is to be able to supply 3 million pounds of steam, in order to eliminate air pollution, as well as provide steam to Manhattan within an hour, as well for customers within the Con-Ed. Usage Service.