Con-Ed Station on Hudson Avenue

This project will discuss the history of the Con-Ed power plant in Vinegar hill and what can possibly take it’s place. We will look what may possible be a replacement for this power plant that separates Vinegar Hill from the waterfront.

  1. History of the power plant and and why it shut down? Inkary
  2. Could a museum, Hall of Science, or park replace the power plant if it were removed? Jeferson
  3. what were the effects of the power plant and what are the possible effects/results of opening the places mentioned in the previous question? Jim
  4. Who would help finance and benefit from said institutions? Cesar


1) Most of the project will be presented in text

* News articles reporting on the damages caused by the non-productive power-plant

* permits handed to Con-Ed from the state of New York

2) We will be using charts/graphs to display our logistical findings

* Crime rates

-presented in pie graphs and bar graphs

* Family friendliness

* popularity of the area

* financial records of Con-ed and their relationships to institutions within the tri-state area

* Zoning graphs

3) Finally, our project will contain the images required to prove our stance

* Removal of the smoke stacks pictures

* Fire maps of the area

The list of deliverables is presented in the order of greatest quantity to the lowest quantity(top t0 bottom) within our project/paper.