The Future of Vinegar Hill

What We Found

Throughout the semester we found various sources of data that lean towards the character of Vinegar Hill to be preserved as much as possible.

Sources of data consisted of newspaper articles, books, surveys, as well as development maps.

Time after time again, the people of vinegar hill whether they be residents, visitors, store owners, or day-to-day workers, confirm that they favor the quiet neighborhood to stay quiet.

Small adjustments are welcome but not anything severe as the current Downtown Brooklyn agenda.

Our Thoughts on the Community

Because we know what the community,(residents, business owners, workers, frequent tourists), is looking for after our research, we can make a few analyses.

  • They have a very reserved nature and are opposed to immediate evolution.
  • There are also divided communities in Vinegar Hill that need to come together in order to evolve. These divisions consist of Industrial Waterfront, Historical Center,  & Forgotten Farragut Houses.

These communities need to unite.

Our Suggestions for the Neighborhood

We believe the best thing for the community however is to grow together and to welcome change one step at a time. We feel that there is a balance between the preservation of the historical aspects of Vinegar Hill and the development for the benefits to everyone in the neighborhood. 

Here is what we would do…

  • Create a social merger
  • Adding more nature
  • Removing nuisance industry
  • Bringing more small businesses to the community


Created by Caitlin McManus