Preservation and Development

Group Members

Aya | Caitlin | Javier | Pedro | Stacey

The people of Vinegar Hill are opposing the opportunity for development in the neighborhood.

Finding the balance between Preservation & Development

For this semester, we were asked to observe a particular neighborhood known as Vinegar Hill. We went on many tours and made various types of analysis of the neighborhood ranging from population, occupation, historical significance, flood damage, safety, and general activity.

After picking our topic, Preservation & Development, we organized a tour to evoke a more focused experience of the neighborhood. That is when we determined that our hypothesis/theme/question would be,

“The people of Vinegar Hill are opposing the opportunity for development in the neighborhood.”


Welcome to the Neighborhood

  • Current conditions of Vinegar Hill
  • What is vinegar hill
  • Pros and cons
  • Demographics
  • Existing traffic condition

Research 1900-Now

  • Research
  • Articles based on residents
  • Articles based on developers

Current Stats

  • Show possible demographics that influence
  • Relationship between the communities
  • Current development what should stay and what should be further developed

What the People Want

  • Research what other neighborhood, cities, have done to develop their neighborhood
  • Research how the existing traffic conditions affect the neighborhood
  • Ask the residents if they would like to see the proposals in the neighborhoods

Future of Vinegar Hill

  • Restates our findings.
  • Making a conclusion on how make help the community interact
  • Make a conclusion of what can be further developed or removed from Vinegar Hill