The Possibilities of Something Else…

After a fire and explosion at Con Edison’s Farragut sub-station on April 29th of 2012 there was a meeting held by the Vinegar Hill Neighborhood Association(VHNA) and Con Edison. Throughout this meeting, 22 residents of vinegar hill attended to express their concerns regarding the plants activity and the hazards it could cause the neighborhood. This isn’t the first fire at this sub-station; there have also been incidents in 2011 and 2013 where there’s been a fire/explosion.
According to The New York Times, Con-Edison was asking state utility regulators to approve their plan to sell 3.4 acres of its property to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Although Con Edison doesn’t plan on closing down the Farragut sub-station, they are trying to sell some of the land to the parks nearby so they could expand. So, there is a possibility of expanding the parks in the area.
However, during the meeting between VHNA and Con Edison, they stated that they don’t plan on closing down the sub-station anytime soon. This substation however is going to become obsolete one day since it is steam powered. Also, politicians want to make the sub-station into residential buildings which would eliminate the concept of having a park along the waterfront.