Time is of the essence

Photograph by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

With one week gone by and no answers. My nerves were all over the place and I’d say slight anxiety kicked in. Mainly because I was worried I wouldn’t get any internship positions. I started to think that maybe I wouldn’t pass the class since I had no internship. However, like they say “stars can’t shine without darkness” and this was just the calmness before the storm. I’d say on my second day or was it the third day in that week I got two replies both requesting for me to send in my resume. The quickness I responded to that was an understatement. I felt a sense of ease and my nerves were finally calming down. I later got another response requesting if we can schedule a time to meet. By, the afternoon I had another meeting for the following week, another that same day at 5:00 o’clock. At this point, things were looking good and I was positive that I could land one of these internship opportunities.

As the class was over I rushed home to get in my interview. Of course, I did have a wave of nervousness hit me like a ton of bricks. I called my mom asking her what to do and basically, venting out the pent-up nervousness I had. Like any mother would do she calm my racing nerves and assured me that it will all be okay. She even assured me that it was okay to be nervous it shows that I would have a balanced mindset and not come across as too overly confident. Hanging up the call with my mom I hopped into the Google Meets meeting with my employer. Luckily, he was lenient and was very patient with me since I was just arriving home.

This interview was very different, to be honest. I guess he could have told me I was nervous beyond measure. Nevertheless, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Steering the interview down into a conversational piece as if it’s two people simply sitting and chatting over some coffee. He went over the roles and what the organization was all about. What they stand for and what their mission was. By 5:30 – 5:45, the interview was over and I was accepted. I was shocked but so happy the nerves were gone and I internally relaxed. No need to stress anymore.

I ended up calling my mom after because she too was anxious and worried about the outcome. When I told her the news she was happy and we both celebrated over the phone.

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