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My Roles as an Intern

Designed and Illustrated by myself

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Time to put all the knowledge that I had obtained throughout my time at NYC College of Technology, to gain real-world experience and excel as a designer. Thus, combining my old and new skills and expanding on them.

As an intern, I was tasked with creating creative posts for various social media platforms. Such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Engaging with Giving Forward’s online presence; creating graphics to promote traffic and awareness of the website. Designing special national day posts. For example, World Water Day, Women’s Day, and Earth Day As well as, formulating and brainstorming new outreach ideas and plans.

When I officially started doing work for my internship all the nerve-wracking thoughts resurfaced. I didn’t know if they would like my work or what to expect. Nevertheless, my first task was to create a blog post. The blog post was to advertise donating to a cause. As well as, entering in a chance to win $4000.00 for yourself and $1000.00 for your desired non-profit or charity.  The deadline was the next day. I wasn’t anxious or nervous because I was used to working in crunch time and under pressure.

Drawing up sketches and possible ideas. Finalizing the thought of turning a piece of the logo into a piggy bank to indicate where you investing. Multiple hands to show that we are all pitching in and giving back to our community. Using a series of blues from the logo and tying it all together makes it be on-brand with the color consistency.

Presenting my graphic final look to my supervisor. We went back and forth in dealing with the body copy and text. The primary focus is on donating and what you can win. Playing around with type and the font weight adding the key details, I was finished late that night going into the morning. I made sure to make different sizes to cater to all their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Both my supervisor and the young lady in charge of maintaining the social media were proud of what I created.

A sense of relief was lifted off my shoulders. After that, all my assignments tasked to me were around creating posts on how to spend your winnings and for different world days. For example World Water Day, World Women’s Day, Earth Day, etc.

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