Juggling Work and School

Photograph by Cathryn Lavery on UNsplash

Since this semester I am currently doing an internship along with other classes maintaining a balance between the two can sometimes be challenging. Many times I would find myself lacking rest and not eating as much. Or even being up more at night in order to get everything done. I found myself to be more in work mode trying to be on top of things so I don’t slack. One of my closest friends helped me out in making a schedule and timeline to follow just so I can balance myself.  Even though you might think since we are at home it would be easier to juggle the two. However, for me, I sometimes found it a hassle and slightly miss the face-to-face work and school environment. I believe I was more grounded and knew how to balance the two more. Nevertheless, I still managed to work everything out. This experience aided in the betterment of being versatile and flexible. Which allowed me to improve my organization skills and time management.   

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