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Looking back this internship has opened my eyes to many things. It revealed to me the challenges one can face, the importance of communication and even bonding with your fellow employees. Improving your skills, gaining feedback, and even testing how well your design is in a small group. I got to explore a lot since I didn’t really have any limitations or set way and format all designs must be. Which might I add was a bonus. The amount of freedom we have I enjoyed, however, from time to time I do sometimes miss the structure. Since I often was questioned “would they like it”, “is it good enough”? But with the help of group collaboration, it lessen the pool of questions and doubts that I ever had. Causing me to just trust myself and the process. It’s all a learning experience to better ourselves.

The different projects that we were all given I often enjoyed. Another bonus for me is improving my illustration and drawing skills. Also revealing, that I do have potential in the Illustration department in graphic design. Showing that side of me and what I had to offer was a great accomplishment and feeling. The thought that something I drew is associated with this non-profit organization and is on their social media platforms. It’s just an awestruck moment. One I most definitely cherish.

Testing my creativity and ideas was another big thing that I learn. Sometimes as designers we have designers’ block. I can tell you right now many sketches I did for some of these projects. I ended up throwing it out. I had to think deeper and well outside the box. We can have an endless amount of ideas but what we like and what goes is often put to the test.

Nevertheless, I am glad that the internship is a part of the curriculum. It conveys the importance of how to apply what we were thought in class and how to apply it to the real world. As well as, reflecting and gaining insight on what we do.

Things I’ve Learned in Class

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Prof. Nicolaou has thought us so much in each weekly discussion and even in real-world cases that she would read to us from time to time. I must say it was all a great help and was very much needed. In the cases that she read from the New York Times, the key points stood out to me.

Professional Environment

One must always maintain a professional environment. You are here to work and work only. Not to work and mingle always keep it professional. Don’t intertwine personal life with work-life issues. Or even integrating yourself into another person’s issue.  Even at work functions and dinners still, try and keep a business and work mindset. Don’t be drinking try to steer clear from those types of things. Under the influence can cause you to release important information that can put you in problems.

Work Rights

Always know your work rights in case your information is breached or even violated. Even when that happens be careful in how you handle the situation as well as use it to your advantage. It will come in handy in the longer run.

 Know your worth, and how much you deserve especially when it comes to being paid. When we work we are putting time, effort, and quality into things. As each job has an estimated value range always know how much is for you or what you should receive. One should even set realistically a desired amount and work towards that.  If you need to bargain for better pay or perks. Do so in a respectful and timely manner. Don’t go too overboard or be too greedy. Try to come to a middle ground or halfway with your employer. You might not get the full amount but you can reach halfway. Don’t settle for less than what you are required. Negotiate if you want an increase or to even make adjustments. So that both you and your employer can reach a halfway mark.

Non-disclosure agreements

It is thought us that contracts and agreements are needed and are present in our daily lives. When we are in the workforce, it acts as a guide or base for when we take on projects. They can even act as a protection use when we hit problems. The article from Nolo reveals how Non-Disclosure Agreement is useful and used in the internet and computer companies. It can be used to present confidential information when meeting with other companies. NDA acts as a protection card in case the agreement secrets have been breech.  Since this can give leverage over the companies. 

While NDA has its pros and cons it comes in handy when the employer wants total control over the employee. They sent the rules, regulations, and boundaries for each employee. It’s vital if an employee will be learning top secret information that can put the company in danger. Nevertheless, in that light, I see the importance and need for them.  I believe that employment contracts are needed and helpful in many ways. Since it is an agreement between the company and the worker. It sets the roles and responsibilities and all the full details for the worker. It contains all necessary information and must be read thoroughly. So you know what you’re getting into.  Due to the fact that it is your receipt and lifeline in case anything is to happen, you can always refer back to it.


Copyright is an intellectual property that protects original works of authorship. It allows us to have our work protected at all costs and not get stolen, replicated, or edited without permission. In this field, we often come across individuals who fall into the trap of copyright infringement or works being stolen.

 Copyright, trademark, and patent help me as a designer in many different aspects. It allows me to know the do’s, and don’ts. As well as, what each category contains and covers. As young designers we often encounter many people stealing or altering our work and passing it as their own. With proper authorship, I can protect my brand in different ways to avoid issues and stolen identity, and brand image.

Honestly, I can sit here and write out all that I have learned and have stood out to me and it would be so much to read. All in all, each aspect of this internship both in-class and hands-on has molded me into a better designer. I feel more contented, understanding, and more aware of the work field. Thank You for everything and for taking the time to read what I’ve been through and what I have to say. Take care see you soon!!

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