Working in Harmony

Photographed by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Learning to work in a group and being a part of one can often be challenging. When I had group projects in school I often found them to be a drag since there were always so many stumbling blocks. Either one person wasn’t doing their part or having to do it all alone. However, in this experience, I got a different outcome. We sometimes did independent projects on our own but on a few instances, we had bigger design projects that required us to split the workup. Working with the other interns I got feedback and ways to better my designs in order for all our work to be consistent and work as one. It was a breath of fresh air and a new turn on things. Made me realize that group work and projects are very beneficial and vital in the workplace. Opening our eyes for us to see how well our design work and where and what to improve on. It was also a way to also explore other design techniques and styles. I got to even know the other interns more and created a bond that we could all depend on one another to lend a helping hand.  

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