A New Journey Awaits

Photograph by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Early Friday morning around 9:30 I got my welcoming email to my internship. Where I will be working for a non-profit organization that uses cause marketing to raise money to give back to different charities in need. This hit home for me because as a young adult I was actively helping with my church to facilitate and lend a hand to different charities. Helping in the organization of fairs and food drives for the needy. So working with this non-profit was right up my alleyway. I was super excited to apply my artistic and design abilities to any given task. Seeking to show what I have to offer and make my mark.

Nevertheless, I started Tuesday after facing technical difficulties from not being able to get into my personal email for my internship. After which, I got to schedule my first one-on-one (1:1) meeting with my supervisor. He briefs me on what the non-profit organization is, the different employees that work there, the head of it all, and my roles and tasks as an intern. I was required to assist in the social media area helping in the creation of social media posts and graphics for different events and advertising campaigns happening. The following day at the weekly meeting where we all get to express what we are all working on, where we stand, and tasks that need to be completed. I got to meet the head/ person in charge of the social media area. The founder of the non-profit and another person who specializes in animations and motion graphics. I even got to meet two of the other interns from the different internship class sessions. The other employees weren’t able to make it due to the time difference and being busy at that time.

Moreover, it was a nice change and experience for me. We were all over the state in different time zones all coming together for a cause and networking. This non-profit organization is a tight-knit group. All ready to pitch in and lend a helping hand when each other falter. They are all there for each other to assist with any skills or help if the other is stuck. This is showcased when the head of social media outreach and advertising needed a couple of animations for different blog posts. Another employee was quick to jump in and assist. Many times we don’t often see that in the workplace so it was nice to see how they all work as one oiled machine.

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