Keep on Pushing

Photographed by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

As the days went by and classes became more demanding just like work. I often felt like I couldn’t catch a break. From working on back-to-back prize posts and revising them, to World Earth Day posts, drawing, and creating ideas. Sometimes, I felt I was running out of ideas or felt overwhelmed. However, I didn’t let it get the best of me. As a result, I kept pushing and going forward. Coming back ten times stronger than before with fresh and improved designs.

A couple of times I would go back and forth with my supervisor and fellow interns to create new ideas and concepts. Getting a better understanding of what they thought. Thus, bringing a fresh take on our projects. Thinking outside of the box was one of my strong points that I got to improve more. Since we are all great, designers we can often think of the same concept. Heavy research and knowing what was already done were key. Till I understood why in class it was heavily stressed that we always research. It came in handy, to be honest, so it really has its perks.

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