What happens to the other opportunities you may ask …

Photograph by  Soundtrap on Unsplash

Well for starters the way how my mind was set up. Since I got accepted in one internship the others didn’t matter. The one internship that asked when we could have met to discuss things. I sense that they weren’t really serious even when I did a follow-up with them. Also, the way how the first email was written states a lot too and the first impression wasn’t the greatest. I still haven’t even heard back from them either as the days went by. The other internship was scheduled for the following week. I made sure to thank them for giving me an opportunity in applying and setting up an interview.

However, at this moment since I had already gotten an internship position I will have to decline at the moment. The young lady was very nice and she wished me all the best and hope to see me soon again in the near future. From this internship hunt, I’ve learned that things don’t always go according to plan. What we think might be a smooth sailing journey has its bumps that we have to over cross. Secondly, always trust the process because something will always work out no matter what the cost is and how things are being portrayed. A plan is always set in motion for us that we don’t see.

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