Welcome to my portfolio!

Collaboration with Sweets & Squeak

Sweets & Squeak is a pepper jelly jam that can be put on almost everything. Sweets & Squeak requested rebranding their business, and to elevate it. Collaborate with Evelyn Ng on her recreation of their mascot, Poppy. They didn’t like how dull their brand were, so we use their same color palette but making it brighter. Their own packaging for business cards and thank you cards didn’t have some personal connection with the audience, so we recreated them.

Polaroid stickers that goes into packaging boxes.

IG mockup with Poppy polaroid gif.

Recreated Thank You cards.

Recreated Business Card


For this project, I had to pick a business of my choice to help them advertise, since COVID 19 pandemic took a lot from people.

Cafe Grumpy is a cafe that creates coffee art and sells coffee too. I created motion graphics to advertise, so more people can visit them.

This sticker gif is to promote the cafe shop of their speciality on coffee drinks.
Cafe Grumpy Sticker Gif
Animated Timeline Ad that help promote the cafe
Cafe Grumpy Animated Timeline AD with social media Mock up


I had to pick up four words of my choice, and design them to give an intended impression when looking at it.


I had to take a creative approach to play with alphabets. Making a logo is difficult because it needs to be unique and innovative for the audience to notice. I took a bunch of different letters to see what I could come up with and what letters I was able to combine and result in an exciting logo.

Alignment Design Posters

Alphabet book


Project 1 – Editorial Illustration

I had to pick an article, read it, and lastly create an artwork that fits with it. My article was about extroverts becoming introverts, due to the pandemic. However, we started to go back to normal and extroverts don’t know how to social again. My process on showing this was a little difficult, so I decided to think outside of the box of showing how what made the extroverts that became introverts stay inside of their homes more. Ever since the pandemic happened, everything is now delivered to us, therefore there’s no reason for people to go outside.

Project 2 – New York Magazine Cover

For this project, I had to pick a season and theme of pumpkin picking in NYC. Fall season was chosen, because it was fall during the time I was doing this project. Since it was October month, I combined the theme of pumpkins and fall into picking pumpkins.

Final Project – Psychedelic Poster

In this project, we could choose to draw whatever. However, we need to apply psychedelics to it. This project was a challenge for me because I’m not used to picking out colors that would match. Also, the colors that I usually use would be dark, like gray. My idea was to combine ice and fire while the energy is coming from the nine-tailed fox. I definitely had fun trying out something I had never done before.