Week 3

I finally got an internship, which is at Women’s Press Collective. Women’s Press Collective is a non-profit organization. Their organization helps the low-income working community, as well as giving a voice to the ones who don’t have one to see there is an issue. Women’s Press Collective’s mission is to tell the truth when false information is being distributed in that climate. WPC’s slogan isΒ  “WPC is telling the truth in a climate of disinformation.”

The internship that I wanted has not replied to me yet, and I realized I might not even get a spot anywhere else if I kept waiting. So I had to rethink my process plan, and I found the Women’s press collective on the school blog. I was hesitant to call them because I was running the “what ifs” in my head. As well as, I wouldn’t say I like talking on the phone. However, I mustered up my courage and decided to call them. It went through, and they asked if I was available to come in for an orientation that same week I called.

On the orientation day, I had to wake up extra early to know my route. I wasn’t familiar with the location on the upper west side of Bronx. When I got there, I’m not going to say I wasn’t nervous because that is a lie. I was feeling anxious, stressed, and wanted to run away. Anything you can think of, I was and was ready to leave. I knew that it was normal to feel nervous, so I was greeted with a warm welcome when I went to the site. I think that’s when I slowly let my nervousness go a little by little. Orientation happened for about an hour or so before leaving for work.