Week 16

Last week, I was working on designing the gift ideas. I took the feedback I got and incorporated them into the new design look. It was hard to use every little feedback I got. However, I did my best to keep it simple with the latest changes. Sometimes less is more, and more does not mean it will work out. This sentence is what I learned and applied to my design works.

The new designs were simple yet effective. I added lines and their slogan starting with the postcard, so it wasn’t so bland. Along with the bookmarks, I took out a few of those decorative lines and combined them into using one in the front/back. The bookmarks I used and changed with an image to show that Women’s Press Collective is a printing organization. In addition, I came up with a few new layouts for the planner with some advice and help from others. No matter how much I changed the layout, I still was able to keep it to my style.

As I self-evaluated, I realized I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help, such as when I’m stuck, because it’s most likely other people would have ideas to help. Communication is the key, and without it, I don’t think I would be able to perform well in my internship. Another thing I realized was that there was always a challenge for me to overcome. I learned new things and was allowed to see how real-life printing production happens. As well as, I was able to gain experience. I can say it’s not easy for sure. I learned that no matter what happens, I can improve my skills as long as I give it a shot and keep practicing.

Revised Weekly Planner
Revised Design Postcard (Front)
Revised Design Postcard (Back)

Revised Bookmark