Week 10 – Event

This week, I attended an event which was the Castle point Anime Con. I have to say; it was an interesting experience. Different panels had interesting roles but could come together in the same industry. The topic was anime, but it connected the world with anime, cosplay, and manga culture. Anime Con hosts the event. However, they get Ardawigs, Idolfest, AnimEigo, and Japan candy box sponsors. Attending this event has given me a chance to talk to more people. Even though I was scared, I was able to gather my courage still and talk to people who were showing their artwork. I learned about their process and how they came about, especially connected with them by giving social information.

The panel that I attended was LilyPichu, a voice actress, musician, and online content creator. She participated in Genshin Impact by lending her voice as Sayu. She talked about her passion and how her journey began there. In the end, what I learned is that it takes to process and time to your journey. You don’t just get results right away, as well as practicing to keep up your skills is a great thing. In addition, a few panels have kept repeating this “networking” is something that is needed for people to see how great your work is. It’s a chance where you might get opportunities, and they explained that they talked about us having to be the one to take the step first for it to get the opportunity.