Week 8 – Networking Event

I attended a virtual networking event, Understand Cranbrook Design: The Networking Effect. The Cranbrook Design was based on type; however, there are different types of design surrounding type. There are various topics every time, but I stumbled across the networking effect event this week.

The speakers: Lorraine Wild, Kelsey Elder, Nicole Killian, and Lucille Tenazas. They are all graphic designers but work with graphic design differently, such as type and linguistic or typographic technologies.
They were all interesting panels, and their talks were inspiring. The event started by asking, “what is the pedagogy of Cranbrook design in their view?” Each answer I found was interesting because everyone always has their explanation the way I see it. In addition to one of the panels that said this, “we represent different points in the history of the program,” which got me thinking that it is accurate. Every day the program is developing, and the way they see the design differs from their experience.

The speakers dove into the Cranbrook program during the event versus other programs out there. I found it interesting how the panels did the pros and cons. Everyone knows that every program is different, so what Cranbrook offers might not be the same as other programs. One of the panelists, Kelsey Elder, touched upon how he got inspired by a guest speaker who was invited during his time, which opened his view of how queer theory and typeface can be combined. He explained how Cranbrook would benefit from having a close bonding setting with individuals compared to others who would have different types of bonds that aren’t as close if someone wanted to understand more about the programs. I agree with him, as well as I think it depends on how someone teaching ways would help the learner. For example, it depends on the person to choose what program. However, it does lean towards how the person learns or what they prefer.

Overall, this event talked about different perspectives on Cranbrook designs through their past and experiences. In addition to their insights on how Cranbrook Design would develop in a way or how they would influence people’s creativity and expressing their design in the industry.
As well as it gave me a deeper understanding of the program, what it is, its history, experiences, and what other programs out there are different for design.