Week 13 – App Review 2

The second review app that I chose was Sol LeWitt App. It’s a mobile virtual app where you can see Sol LeWitt’s artworks without traveling to the actual site if you can’t make it. This app is interesting because it sets a whole new level at looking at artworks, even if you are not at the museum. This app is about taking a look into Sol LeWitt’s Minimalism and Conceptual art artworks through a new way with technology.

In the beginning, when you are logging into the app, it shows four different categories such as Virtual Studio Tour, Work Themes, Scan a Wall Drawing, and Mapping LeWitt. This app is all about this collection of artworks.

So I clicked on virtual studio tour because I was curious how this would show and work. After clicking on it, the screen shows LeWitt’s Studio of his artworks and how things are organized. If you tilt your camera around, the screen will show what the studio displays. There are these letter “i” points in white where you can click on them, and it will pop up what the artwork is along with an explanation of the artwork.

There was one part where the app asks for access to your camera, so I think the way to use it is if there is a painting on the wall, you can use your camera to scan it. However, it didn’t work for me because my phone camera wasn’t working.

This app is pretty incredible because of how they were able to advance looking at artworks with technology to the next level. I would say this is effective, and it’s a new way for the audience to connect with their artists in a more personal way. They can see the artist’s workspace and show how there is a process to it.