Week 6

In the Hope Poster Study Case, I think Shepard Fairey should have credited the photo. He was still using the original piece of Obama, even though his style and form were there. However, Fairey didn’t credit the person who took it; therefore, it was wrong. He used the photo as a good cause. However, he disregards that the photographer took time and effort to take that photo.
In the design industry, it’s tough to say who is who, but it is essential to have design ethics. People should have the freedom to design their ideas with their style; however, it is important to remember to do research and credit someone’s work if you are using it because it was their hard work, just like how someone would want to credit your work.

As I continue to read the book “Business Etiquette,” I find it interesting and relatable. It opens up new points that I never thought of myself thinking. One of the points that stood out to me was how the image is important. I always knew how important an image was, but I didn’t realize how deeply it could go. I think the way I dress is casual and formal. For instance, I would see the situation of where I am going. I would dress formally for an interview because I am presenting myself and letting them see/feel the vibe on me. Something I did not know was accessories play into your outfit. I thought the way we dress and look was all to it; however, after reading, I understand that every piece of accessory plays a role when wearing it.

Into the new week of my internship, I discovered there is a challenge for me to take on, whether designing or not. I had to be a typewriter this week; however, I never knew how to type on an old fashion typewriter. So, I was taught how to use it, and when I tried it out, it was a quick experience. It’s one saying that “as you keep doing it, it gets easier.” Besides learning the typewriter, I finished designing the cover for the collective endeavor last week, and it went into the final stages of printing out. I saw the results on how it turned out, which was great.

Design Front Cover of Collective Endeavor