Week 11

Presentation. To some people, the word presentation is an enemy. While others enjoy them, I can say presentations are my enemy. However, it can change to having a mutual feeling towards it with time and practice. Reading the presentation section from the “Business Etiquette Text” book was interesting because it talked about what should be first and whatnot for the presentation. The 92 percent rule was something I had never considered because once I made a mistake, my brain continued to dwell on it, which led to more mistakes. The 92 percent rule is don’t think it’s over if you make a tiny mistake. 

Halfway into this week of my internship, we had to fold the Collective Endeavor inside pages. There was a folding machine; however, I didn’t know how to use it. I only knew the traditional way of folding by hand. The machine didn’t look difficult to use, but it was more complicated than it looked. Of course, the first try was always a fail.

We had to move the two blots on the measuring line to the correct sequence to use the folding machine. The last time the machine was used was not on a two-fold, but it was on a three-fold for a brochure. Each time I moved the blots to find the right fold line, the outcome would come out with uneven folds. After some time, I had to ask for help because I tried everything and wasn’t sure how to get it to work anymore. Every time, I would change the settings on the machine. It would either get close to the fold or completely the opposite. We called for help, and the helper said we had to flip the plates and put the blots on a different line where it measured the folds. Thankfully, I was able to get the job done, after asking and understand how it works.