Week 14

This week was tough. I didn’t think I could get through. The moment I stepped into work, I had tasks to do. I was thinking in my head, what new challenge will I have to face because every week seems to be something new for me to learn. Last week, the team printed out the Guide to Patron, a booklet where they shout out businesses and people who supported and donated to the Women’s Press Collective. My job was to help with printing. However, my boss said we couldn’t print it because of a mistake with the film.

Mistake. The moment I heard the word, my mind was blank and thinking, “Did I make a mistake,” “Did I size the file wrong,” or “Did I not separate colors?” You can say one million things was running through my head. My boss took out the film and asked me what was wrong with the film. At first, I couldn’t tell because the film was dark, and it made it difficult to see without light. Therefore we placed it in the light, and I was able to see the mistake. In some places, the letters were duplicated, making them harder to read. As well as, one film was supposed to show only letters that were supposed to be in the color black, while the other film was supposed to show only the color, Cyan. However, they were all mixed up. I wasn’t sure what had happened in my head or how I could let myself make that small mistake.

So when I went back to look into the file to check what had happened. The images that were placed in its order were duplicated. It overlapped, and you can only see it if you zoom in. I was thinking to myself why I didn’t catch that, and the colors were all mixed up. The film that should only show the color in black, shouldn’t have any color image or texts in that film. It should be separated. The same for the film that is supposedly to be in color, shouldn’t have texts or images on the film that is only in black. Files were messed up because more than one person worked on them. Especially when it comes to color, everyone was using the eyedropper tool to make things easier. After realizing my mistake, I quickly and carefully redid everything so then we could further move on with the printing of the book session.

Mistake | Film that is suppose to be in the color black only
Mistake | Film that is suppose to be in color
Imposition of the Guide to WPC Patrons book template