Week 4

It was my first day at my internship. My internship must be on-site; however, you need to be vaccinated. Since it was the first day, I didn’t know what to expect. Given some tasks to look and fix some changes for their magazine that they would release soon. I had to design a new card for one of the sponsors in the magazine. It took me a while to use InDesign since they had the older version. I fixed the changes and asked my boss to look at them again before finalizing the design changes. It took me a while to get things done for designing because of how detail-oriented I can be. I tend to overthink and fix the small details.

I started doing my readings and found some interesting points where I could learn and improve myself. As an introvert, talking to new people is one of the biggest challenges. The book pinpoints that people typically talk in small groups while ignoring the fact that meeting new people can change/give an opportunity, and we tend to miss that. Meeting new people was a way to connect, but the problem was starting the conversation. This relates to how I find it challenging to talk to my coworkers because I usually don’t initiate. It isn’t easy, and the reading explains how there are different ways to go about it.

Redesign Chiropractor Business card