Author: Jerome Brand

Jerome Brand: Project Proposal

What I want to teach to my audience(the scientific community and those interested about nature) is the effect pandemic Lockdown’s on our Wildlife . I want people to know the positives so we can hopefully continue them and the negatives so we can resolve and mediate them as well. I plan on to convey this to my audience by talking in a podcast(or article depends on what’s easier cause I’m kind of lazy ; ). If this project is going to be in a podcast format I should definitely be watching or hearing some of my favorites to do research. Or if I decide article I should read some for context.

The quote that stuck with me the most during my research was  “Nobody is asking for humans to stay in permanent lockdown. But we may discover that relatively minor changes to our lifestyles and transport networks can potentially have significant benefits for both ecosystems and humans.” . This quote really inspired me because I felt like a door was opening and I felt like I was doing the right kind of research.

Time Capsule: Jerome Brand

Since this is a time capsule let me first say “Hi future Me!” ”Did you pass all this semesters courses?” That’s really all the success you’ll will need come December.  But I’m wondering if you solved your career conundrum by this time too. I’m mean THAT’S WHY YOU CAME TO COLLEGE. Right now I’m confused and i hope in the future you are in, you find the answers we’ve have been seeking and on a career path you enjoy. That’s the future i hope for you and it’ll make our college life well lived. But i know the me right now has stuff to do in the present to realize this future. Like turning in my assignments on time and keeping with a strict schedule. I know I’ve had trouble with procrastination but i cant let that stop me and i won’t.

So… Here’s to a Bright Future eh Jerome?

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