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The Story Of How Creativity Helped me Get Far In  Education (Adrian Deleon)

Adrian Deleon                                                                                                                                                                 City College Of Technology


Eng 1101                                                                                                                             




Professor Jennifer sears


                                                                   The Story Of How Creativity Helped me Get Far In   Education 


“Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear, wherever they might be”

-Lakshmi Mittal


 In high school, I didn’t enjoy continually going though the same schedules and dealing with many assignments every single week to the point  I would feel like I’m stuck on a  never-ending cycle or a box. I even had a hard time finding one exciting hobby in high school because they only had a few elective classes, and they don’t always give hobbies suggestions. I even nearly gave up finding a hobby that can help me have fun in high school; But one day, Everything changed when I finished an art drawing assignment. I was thinking to myself, how can I make completing tasks in high school a fun experience. 

So I took the first step of becoming interested in making paper props from famous movies and video game series to complete art assignments in a fun and unexpected way.

 I made paper props such as the master sword from The Legend of  Zelda, a windmill made with paper and popsicle sticks that make the wings spin, and a keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts series even made original sculptures of my own.  I often used these props to submit to various sculpture assignments my art teacher gave me. My art teacher was surprised, and he liked how I try to finish the tasks differently.

I made art class fun for me; however, I wanted to continue expanding my creativity and making the other classes such as maths and  English a fun experience.

To achieve this task, I thought of what if I think outside the box and do class assignments in a unique alternative way no one has ever done before.  So I started to bring over my paper structures such as rotatable paper windmill model from the story to my presentations. I would show everyone the model and explain how the windmill was one of the symbols in the story and make my English presentation more entertaining for my teachers and classmates.  

I made my classmates do a math puzzle of finding and graphing points that turned out to be a graphed picture of a top hat in math. 


These examples of completing assignments differently were to encourage my classmates to make their assignments unique, like their own art piece. I hoped it made them see that it makes completing schoolwork a fun experience. 


 I didn’t expect my new hobby to receive admiration from students and teachers; it showed me how being different and unique can help you and your work stick out more to the crowd. I  also didn’t expect to get invited by my art teacher to go to the honor roll ceremony not just because of my grades but my hobby of making paper props in the art room. My art teacher gave me the creativity honor award during the ceremony, and he encouraged me to keep using creativity for education and life. 

After creating many props, completing assignments differently, and achieving a creativity honor award at the honor roll ceremony,  these events helped me view education as a way to challenge yourself to think outside the box and improve your creativity. I believe the creativity genre should be taught to students more in many schools because it encourages them to develop unique ideas and solve assignments in a fun way. Without the encouragement of creativity, people would stick to the usual old patterns and not create anything new to the point where society will not innovate or grow to new future ages. Without creatively, how would humanity ever grow?

I’m happy that  I was able to break free of the dull and stressful weekly cycles. As I continue to move forward in my education, I hope to continue to find new ways to make my assignments more of a creative art of my own I do my best to show the world how unique and essential creativity is.

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