Welcome to our first peer review session! For Session 8,  Tuesday, Sept. 22, you will read and offer “praise critique” as discussed in the essay by Ron DePeter for writers in your assigned group. The technical instructions are below, followed by the critique instructions:

  • Find the posts of people in your workshop groups in this post: Peer Review, Education Narrative: Group Assignment. Here you will see groups numbered 1-5. Scroll down until you see your name. The other names in your group are the writers you will critique. Students who have posted work have live links you can click on from that list.
  • Click on each of your group members’ posts and read their submission. Because the stories are in pdf format, you do not have to download the file, but you might want to have pen and paper handy to take notes as you read.
  • Read the first essay. Yes–responding to this essay assignment can be challenging because you are responding to someone’s writing about their own life! Be respectful as you think about each work and respond to the text being shared. You are responding to the work, not the person. This requires that you be mature and thoughtful. You should also remember theat some drafts are in early stages. This peer review is to provide ideas for further development.
  • To offer your critique, click on ‘Leave a comment.” If others have already commented, you might see “1 Comment” or “2 comments,” which you can also click on to add your comment.
  • In the box that appears for you comment, respond to your peers’ posts using the  three questions below:


  1. What is the story about? In a few sentences, try to sum up what happens in this story/essay.
  2. Record one sentence or section that you particularly liked reading. Then, discuss why you like this section. ? Does something dramatic happen? Is it funny? Is it suddenly wise? Are words used in a manner that you think is effective–which words:
  3. What is one question you have about the story? Remember, these are first drafts! The pieces may be short. Regardless of length, what do you want to understand more from this story?

Remember, you are not correcting grammar. Do keep your comments appropriate to our professional college level environment. I will also read and comment on everyone’s work on Thursday  after everyone else has participated, so you will have feedback from me before you turn in your essay on Blackboard.

Important Note: For attendance credit, you should comment/critique all of the stories your group except your own before 10 am, Thursday, Sept. 24. While you can respond to the comments on your own work, this is not a requirement for attendance credit. A second note:  at the time of writing this post, some writers have yet to upload their work. Those names does not have a live link. If that member has not submitted their Assignment before tomorrow 5 pm (Sept. 23) you are not responsible for critiquing their work for attendance credit.