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Time Capsule Post: Julio Falero

What success looks like to me is passing all my classes but I also want to get the best grade that I can. By the end of the semester my goal is to pass all my classes and learn as much as I can for the future. My motivation this semester is to be a better version of myself because I believe that you should always improve yourself no matter what so you can be prepared for anything. What would make this semester a good time spent is being able to learn things that’ll help me become a great Mechanical Engineer.  Honestly my main goal is two become a great Mechanical Engineer really that’s all for now.  The only challenge right now that’s in my way might be myself. I say this because sometimes somethings take awhile for me to have it done like that so I have wo keep repeating it too myself.

This is exactly what I want two do.

Video Presentation and Tips for the Final Reflection Essay

In response to your questions, I’ve made another video focusing on the Final Reflection essay. The video covers in this order:

  • Expectations and instructions for the final reflection
  • how to upload the essay (and the revisions you may be working on) onto the Blackboard site.
  • Note: you can’t see the grading rubric with the screen share in the video, so I loaded it as a pdf on the bottom of this post.

In brief, this essay should be around 1000 words. You should answer the three questions that are detailed in the Final Portfolio Assignment already on the OpenLab:

  1. What have you learned about yourself as a reader, writer and scholar this term?
  2. How will you use what you have learned this term and transfer that knowledge to other writing situations—either in college or within your community?
  3. As evidence to back up your points, you must use at least three quotes from your own writing this semester in your reflection.

On the assignment Final Portfolio Assignment page,  there are additional brainstorming questions to get you started.


The Dec. 3 video on the assignment, if you want that as well: Video Presentation: Final Portfolio and Reflection

Grading Rubric:

Download (PDF, 42KB)

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