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Peer Mentor: Introduction + Weclome Video

Hi Everyone,

My name is Christina Jacques (“Jacks”)!

and I will be your Peer Mentor this semester! I am a Dental Lab Major in my 2 year here at City Tech. You can get in touch with me by posting your questions here OR by emailing me directly:  Remember that anything you post here can be seen by your classmates and professor, so email is best for more personal issues.

I am here to help you adjust to college life, connect you with resources at the college, give you support, share my own experiences (and what I learned from them), answer your questions, and just generally help you understand how things work here at City Tech. In addition to answering your questions, every Monday I will be posting information for you about important deadlines, upcoming events, and other opportunities for you at City Tech. Make sure you take a look at the First Week Checklist that I am posting here it contains important information for your first week at City Tech.

(You can ignore the part about ID cards since we aren’t on campus right now.) I am excited to get to know everyone! Please check out my welcome video so you can get to know a little more about me!



Peer Mentor: Meet Christina Jacques

Greetings Everyone!

This is a space for you to connect with me– your Peer Mentor, Christina Jacques Any questions you have about your first semester at City Tech can be asked here. Just click the + at the top of the screen to write ask questions. Be sure to give your post an informative Title, so that your Peer Mentor and your classmates know what you are asking about. When you are finished writing your question, select the category Peer Mentor on the right side of the screen in the Categories box. Then click Publish. You will get a reply to your post within 48 hours. Remember that everything posted here is visible to your professor and your classmates, so if your question is confidential, please email me directly instead of posting here. My email is:


Check out my Welcome post and video to get started!