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Anaya: Unit 3 Project Proposal

In my project, I hope to teach my audience about the root of all races, modern humans, and the genes we know today. I would like to inform people who are interested in anthropology. For my project, I’m planning to write in a brochure because it’s a simple and convenient way to give information. People can read it anywhere like in a museum or on a train. To start the project I will look up different styles of templates and practice my photoshopping skills. I’ll also research how to properly use my information to make the brochure as great as it can be.

One quote that inspired me the most was “Mitochondrial Eve was seen as potentially challenging gendered and racial categories.” This quote comes from my second source, Mitochondrial Eve and the Affective Politics of Human Ancestry. This quote inspired me because it seems like all history is white history. Most of the time we’re learning and reading about white people. In biblical depictions, Eve is shown as a delicate white woman and it shows that she was the first modern woman. However, mitochondrial eve begs to differ, which ignited something in a lot of people.

Lubna: Introduction and conclusion

Lubna Chowdhury

English 1011


Prof: Jenifer Sears

What do you accept are the social, political, and additionally social ramifications of online media? What had begun as a helpful method of interfacing with individuals and staying alert about the happenings around the globe has immediately proceeded onward to a stage where an ever-increasing number of individuals are getting dependent on it. Younger ages as well as the grown-ups from the more established ages are increasingly utilizing this web-based media for interfacing with individuals and keeping in contact. Spending endless hours via online media has brought about individuals being less centered around their everyday errands. Appropriate discussions have gotten uncommon as individuals are revealing increasingly more in online media. This prompts misery and tension as there is a steady need to associate and consistent desire for being in contact. Looking for likes on posts and photographs and looking for that feeling of endorsement has likewise become a significant result of this online media habit. It is protected to state that the results have overwhelmed the positive parts of web-based media. Do you think it impacts or even reflects popular feeling? Online media is increasingly being utilized by government officials to give messages and data to the majority. In any case, the significant ramifications of web-based media are on the survey crusades where lawmakers are utilizing bogus presents and phony news to dispatch an assault on their opponents. This isn’t just exploitative yet in addition an unjustifiable method of influencing general assessment. The decisions in the USA during Trump’s appearance and furthermore the as of late closed races in India are models where an appropriate and very much arranged web-based media methodology has helped topple the supported popular supposition. How influential are messages via web-based media (and under what conditions)? Web-based Media influences general assessment as can be seen in different appointive missions over the world. Concerning online media messages, it totally relies upon the foundation of the web-based media client. An all-around educated web-based media client frequently sees directly from wrong, however, a few clients are effectively influenced by the phony news and messages and wind up getting impacted. How has web-based media changed advertising? To the extent advertising is thought of, PR people are increasingly attempting to connect with clients/supporters through drawing in and convincing substance. Organizations are utilizing web-based media to make a buzz among individuals and produce a foothold in this way making association and criticism. Taking everything into account, they are continually keeping in contact with their fan base by different brand advertisements and film refreshes and all in all posting about different applicable issues going on the planet and their nation. When I used social media, I get lots of bad comments and negatives ideas. When I think a negative way is affecting my social media is a bad habit that you have to use every day and you have to see what happened in the world and in your social media. My hypothesis is that social media is affected or not.  If I  don’t find to support my hypothesis.I will Reacher more topics to support my hypothesis.

Kushin, Matthew J, and Masahiro Yamamoto. “Did Social Media Really Matter? College Students’ Use of Online Media and Political Decision Making in the 2008 Election.” Mass Communication & Society. 13.5 (2010). Print.

This source describes the change during the 2006-2008 election seasons to social media influence. It also describes how social media is largely influencing the young population on political ideals. The purpose of this article was to look at college students’ use of social media and their tendencies on the subject of politics to know the impact of social media on politics. The author says “Nearly all major candidates used social media during the 2008 campaign” when the author says this he is telling me that social media definitely had an effect on the 2008 campaign. “Persons younger than 30 led the way, many of whom used the internet to exchange political opinions and post their own political commentary”. I would agree with the author here. I often see my friends talking about politics on social media and there is significant influence shown by people on the internet. This will further my argument by showing how social media is influential to the public’s opinion of politics from person to person. This source has a ton of information on political interaction through social media and it will be a great source to use on my research paper.

Gulati, G.J, and C.B Williams. “Social Media and Campaign 2012: Developments and Trends for Facebook Adoption.” Social Science Computer Review. 31.5 (2013): 577-588. Print.


This source shows how the 2010 election participants were heavily armed with social media and the internet. “By the 2010 midterm elections, 92% of the major party candidates for the U.S. House had created a campaign website and over three fourths of the candidates had adopted the larger social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube” this quote directly supports my thesis statement and I can use this source with the first source to show the differences in the 2006-2008 elections to the 2010 elections. With social media growing exponentially since the beginning of the twenty first century this may show a trend that we are advancing towards more and more social media political involvement. “An initial review of our data reveals that nearly every candidate running for the Senate, 64 of the 66 (97%), adopted a Facebook page for 2012.” This quote already shows the increase from 92% of candidates having a social media page to 97% of the candidates, all except for two, are using social media.


Gil de Zúñiga, H., Jung, N. and Valenzuela, S., Social Media Use for News and Individuals’ Social Capital, Civic Engagement and Political Participation. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, April 2012 Ch.17: 319–336


This source talks about specific “civil engagements” through social media and its impact on political decision. “In 2006 thousands of American students used their Myspace profiles to organize national marches for immigration reform.” This is a strong specific example of how people used social media to organize political reform on the laws of immigration between America and Canada. “Informational use of SNS (social network sites) exerted a significant and positive impact on individuals’ activities aimed at engaging in civic and political action.” This quote shows that social media is making a positive effect on political engagement. Although I may disagree with this quote. I think that social media negatively effects political action because of blasphemous information on the internet through social media services.


Policital Memes, “Democrats in the Midwest! Credit: leahebae” (March 11, 2014)

Facebook, although with its obvious flaws in credibility on the surface, can prove to be a very reliable source for visual evidence for this topic. For example the meme at the bottom of the bibliography shows a politician with a caption that reads “Wow! Cold” “It was so cold this morning, I actually saw a democrat with his hands in his own pockets.” This was a largely shared meme on Facebook motivated by the current political warfare between republicans and democrats. Although the memes are quite funny usually, they are typically offensive to a certain group of people. I think memes like this are directed towards certain parties or groups and are one of the largest influences to people on social media.


In conclusion, I found in my research that how social media affect everyone and how they get bold it in social media. I learned how social media can use in a good way and a negative way and how it really affects peoples. what really surprised during the research that is social media is the biggest community that sometimes is good things happened sometimes is bad things happened social media can be dangerous every day lots of peoples suicide every day for social media. It was important to research because I want to know how social media is the effect on young’s peoples. I think young’s people the teenagers need to know about how using social media is the day by day gating worst tor our life.




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